The new version of the software is user-centered, starting from real usage scenarios, and reconstructing the layout of each interface, making the operation line more logical, the focus of the interface clearer, and creating an immersive user experience.


Brand-new dashboard interface, including practical information such as data statistics and hard disk space; it is also the entry for version update instructions and help documents


The redesigned case interface combines case management and patient management into one. Larger thumbnails and detailed information are retained, users can view cases more clearly and intuitively, and quick operations such as bookmarking and opening folders are retained. Sorting according to different rules can help users find patients more quickly. When creating a new case, patients can also be quickly added with one click to improve usage efficiency.



For case details, users add dental information, notes, etc. from left to right, and the added dental information will be displayed intuitively in the form of a list.


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